Interlectus is a global network of educational institutions seeking to engage with each other for mutual improvement and the benefit of their students.

What we do

Our service is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences across national and regional boundaries.

We do this by providing and managing the essential links which encourage long term relationships between institutions. Endeavor and excellence are recognized by the award of Interlectus certificates of global engagement endorsed by leading universities. These document and reward the achievements of students and schools in learning from the experience and excellence of international partners.

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Interlectus founders have been working with universities and educational institutions globally for decades. We understand how to match the needs of learners with the resources of schools.


Interlectus has over 100 years of combined experience in transnational provisioning of secondary and post-secondary education.


Interlectus founders have extensive experience in teaching, administration, and executive planning as well as a thorough understanding of institutional-level partnerships.


We help select the best match for internationalizing our member schools, from on-campus experiences to certificates that can be earned entirely online.